The Aksu Ferroalloys Plant To Introduce A Novel Way of Shipment


The railway department of the Aksu Ferroalloys Plant, a branch of KazChrome, itself a company of Eurasian Group (ERG), has received new equipment for its container shipment function, including an Irish-made self-propelled universal stacker and truck scales by Mettler Toledo, Germany.

Armed with these, the Plant will be able to ship ferroalloys in 40 ft containers, while previously it could handle only 20 ft containers. According to representatives of the container shipment function, today Aksu Ferroalloys Plant is the only company of Eurasian Group capable of handling such containers.

– We have regularly raised the issue of loading larger containers, but a lack of high precision scales on our cargo-handling site made any solutions impracticable, said Sergei Prokopiev, Director of the Aksu Ferroalloys Plant. – Now that we have obtained and implemented the new equipment, a new function has been organized within our railway department to successfully address this task. In the nearest future, we will be able to load up to 15 large-size containers a day with the help of this equipment. As a result, the container shipment section has become truly universal, and our visitors have every reason to marvel at its size and capacity. The department has always been doing a good job.

Besides their large surface sufficient for easily accommodating heavy-duty trucks in addition to containers of both sizes, the state-of-the-art truck scales offer a high degree of precision, with a maximum permissible error of 30 kg for container weights in excess of 25 metric tons. Another important advantage is a relatively low weighbridge, which does not require any stairs or other contrivances and, therefore, ensures personnel safety and easy repairs and maintenance.

The Stacker is highly efficient and technologically advanced self-propelled loading equipment. It has a feeding hopper, a sturdy hydraulic system, a powerful engine with a lubricant heating system, and two belt conveyers. The automated stacker can be controlled either manually or with two remote control devices: a wire remote control and a radio one. The machine is equipped with a strong security system: in addition to numerous detectors tracking the status of various mechanisms, the whole stacker can be stopped immediately to prevent any potential danger to people or equipment damage.

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