Eurasian Resources Group helps Kazakhstan identify the professions of the future


Eurasian Resources Group, a leading diversified natural resources group, has signed a document on the development of the Atlas of Emerging Jobs in cooperation with BTS Digital in Kazakhstan. The Atlas of Emerging Jobs is a cutting-edge career guidance tool providing an insight into future market trends and helping to identify professions and skills that will become relevant or will emerge in the coming decades. The company has already found the first customers. Eurasian Resources Group has ordered a Career Guidance Atlas for the Mining and Metals Industry.

The methodology of the Atlas is based on the Skills Technology Foresight approach developed in 2014 by the International Labour Organization, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) and the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management. This methodology involves integration and cooperation between experts from various sectors, who engage in a dialogue and develop a conceptual vision of the future taking into account the special features of a country and its priorities. The first Atlas of Emerging Jobs was developed in Russia in 2014, and in January 2019, the first international foresight school was hosted in Kazakhstan by BTS Digital LLP.

'By supporting this event, we hope to obtain cutting-edge tools for forecasting and assessing potential development trajectories of industries and projects and the prospects of various markets and products,' commented Almas Utegulov, CEO of BTS Digital.

'We will use special techniques and seek expert opinions to create "snapshots of the future" for various sectors of Kazakhstan's economy,' explained Sayasat Nurbek, Head of Education Projects at BTS Digital. 'This will provide an insight as to how a specific industry will change and what new technologies will emerge. This will also give us a better understanding of when demand for certain specialists is starting to decline and the profession is becoming obsolete.'

'We closely monitor research into the future of the labour market,' emphasized Inna Gubareva, Deputy Chairman of the Board for HR and Social Affairs at Eurasian Group LLP, the company managing ERG's assets in Kazakhstan. 'We are aware that global competition in our industry will necessitate changes. In order to be ready to respond to the challenges of the future, we already need to understand today which new professions will be in demand on the labour market. The Atlas of Emerging Jobs will help us to achieve this. During the official ceremony marking the start of the Year of Youth, the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev pointed out that despite the availability of jobs, young people in the country were reluctant to take blue-collar jobs.'

'ERG is taking active steps to address this issue. We give special focus to working with young people: the Company is forming a talent pool comprising promising young people. To make jobs in the mining and metals sector more prestigious, we hold career guidance events in schools and actively select college and university students to be hired by the enterprises of ERG Group. By doing so, we implement the "from school until retirement" vision, which helps to maintain continuity between different generations and provide highly qualified specialists to meet the Group's needs,' said Ms. Gubareva.

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