SPIEF’21: Sber and Eurasian Resources Group to work on joint digital projects


At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum this year (SPIEF’21), Sber and Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the digital transformation of the business. The document was signed by Andrey Shemetov, Senior Vice President and Head of SberCIB, and Benedikt Sobotka, Chief Executive Officer of Eurasian Resources Group.

The agreement covers cooperation in a number of areas, including:

  • Creation and development of IT architecture
  • Design, implementation, customisation and scaling of solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Joint process design and implementation for HR services
  • Cybersecurity

Andrey Shemetov, Senior Vice President, Head of SberCIB, said: “Keys to a company’s success today are flexibility and quick responses to customer requests and new environment. Sometimes, you even need to stay ahead of them. New tech and a digital environment are there to support these competences. Sber is among the tech leaders in Russia and CIS. One of our missions is to help our clients become successful and we are ready to share cutting-edge solutions with them, facilitate their adoption and functioning in a company. In line with the memorandum we have signed with Eurasian Resources Group, our old partner, we will be developing innovative and technological solutions. I am confident that our tech partnership with the group will be a fruitful and long-term one.”

Benedikt Sobotka, Chief Executive Officer, Eurasian Resources Group, commented: “In recent years, we have made great progress in adopting digital solutions and have become one of the leading mining and metals companies in this sector. Digitisation has a significant impact on the regions in which ERG operates. In Kazakhstan, we are developing 'smart' factories and have made our business more robust and environmentally friendly thanks to modern technologies. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, technologies such as blockchain are allowing us to track our products across the entire value chain, ensuring transparency and helping to eliminate child labour. The Battery Passport initiative, which the Group is developing with the Global Battery Alliance, provides a solution for formalising ethically sourced products. Sber is a digital global leader which serves as an example to emulate. We are pleased to be moving in the same direction as Sber and that the Group’s projects, initiatives and digitisation strategy have garnered interest and support from our long-term strategic partner.”

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