Our Approach

Product diversification

A diversified product portfolio including ferroalloys, iron ore concentrate and pellets, alumina and aluminium, copper, cobalt, steam coal and electricity.

Low cost business model

The world’s lowest-cost producer of ferrochrome.
In the lower halves of the global iron ore, alumina, aluminium and copper cost curves.
Vertically integrated operations from mine-to-market ensure significant control over the supply of raw materials.
Wholly-owned energy supply and logistics in Kazakhstan.

Long-term mining reserves

Sizeable proven reserves of chromium, manganese, iron ore, bauxite and coal (up to 100 years), supplemented by extensive resources.


Professional executive leadership and management teams with a proven track record in the metals and mining industry and in global consultancy.
Skilled and a highly professional staff embracing dedicated project managers and widely recognised experts in mining.

Increasing focus on the core business and careful resource allocation

Divestments of non-core assets: Zhairemsky GOK (December 2014), the Serov Group of companies (April 2015), shares in Northam Platinum (March 2015) and several greenfield projects in Africa (ongoing) with a total cash disposal value of more than US$1 Bn.
The Group currently focuses on completion of the key strategic projects aimed at improving its global competitive advantage and on enhancing its profitability via few principal levers, including operational efficiency and strict cost control.

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