Our Principles

For decades, our entities and our people have aligned themselves to the interests and futures of local communities and cities that have grown alongside our business. We are proud of our fundamental role in Kazakhstan where we have always been at the vanguard of the country’s economic growth while nurturing people’s wellbeing, supporting their professional development and enriching their social lives.

In this time of unprecedented global challenge and need, we continue to be present as agents of social and economic development across the areas in which we operate. Fulfilling this responsibility and protecting the welfare of our employees, contractors and their families has always been at the heart of ERG – part and parcel of our mission and vision, across the 15 countries of our presence.

With our employees’ and communities’ best interests in mind, we have introduced a range of preventive measures across our areas of presence, closely following government and health expert guidance, and adapting as the situation develops over time. Keeping a social distance to save lives has been key in these efforts.

We have also taken a number of strategic steps to protect the integrity and the future of our business and that includes putting in place an extensive business continuity plan. We will continue to closely monitor the situation, as we have done from the outset, and we stand ready and capable of taking any further precautionary measures that are deemed necessary.

Stay safe.

CEO Statement

" Given the challenges which all businesses and organisations are currently facing, an exceptional and disciplined effort is required. In order to ensure the health and safety of our employees, contractors as well as families and communities - our absolute priority - we continue to take rapid and appropriate precautionary action as necessary. Owing to our focused approach, we are in a strong position to continue to support our portfolio and safely operate our assets, providing precisely the type of materials that will be needed to drive positive, long-term growth in the aftermath of the pandemic."

Benedikt Sobotka
Chief Executive Officer

Maintaining Social Distance is a Must

Our Main Targets

  • Protecting the wellbeing, health and safety of our employees, contractors and their families
  • Stepping up our responsibility to support local communities and cities that have grown alongside our business
  • Ensuring that ERG can and with minimal disruptions continue to provide ‘materials of the future’ that are key for the recovery of the world economy and for collective, long-term growth
  • Taking prudent financial decisions to proactively safeguard the integrity and future of our business

Our Measures 

Facilitating social distancing

  • Introduced remote-working and shift schedules at offices in the regions of ERG’s presence
  • Established restrictions and regular guidance on all work-related travel
  • Cancelled or rescheduled all corporate events and celebrations

Taking preventative measures

  • Strengthened the full array of disinfection procedures across all offices and operations
  • Secured the supply of tens of thousands of face masks, also arranged via tailored solutions with local suppliers enabling additional jobs in the areas of the business presence, with ERG’s partners and at the ERG’s own labs
  • Arranged for facilities to be deep-cleaned
  • Installed thermal remote sensing cameras at ERG’s plants to screen employees’ temperature
  • Trained staff on the warning signs of COVID-19
  • Distributed virus prevention kits, consisting of medical equipment, hand sanitisers, information booklets, etc.

Supporting our colleagues

  • Launched internal information campaigns across ERG’s business
  • Created a dedicated line of communication run by the Group HR team to update staff on relevant health & safety guidance and measures
  • Supported colleagues who need to look after children, including through paid leave
  • Arranged additional transport for employees

Safeguarding our future

  • Leading by example: voluntary temporary salary reductions taken by the Group’s CEO and First Deputy CEO supported by other senior managers
  • Preparing to fully capitalise on future opportunities and growth, including reaching new supply agreements with partners, expanding the available product range and developing the key brownfields and continuous improvement measures at production facilities with minimal disruption possible

Press Releases – COVID-19 Response

COVID-19: Eurasian Resources Group supports employees and operations in Kazakhstan with additional prevention measures, 14 April 2020, link

COVID-19: Eurasian Resources Group's top managers have offered to take a temporary 30% reduction in their salaries, 03 April 2020, link

Eurasian Resources Group joins Kazakhstan’s efforts to fight the coronavirus, pledges around USD 10 mil to establish a Nazarbayev-led foundation, 23 March 2020,link

Eurasian Resources Group implements global preventive measures to ensure the smooth running of operations and the safety of its people amidst the COVID-19 virus outbreak; takes appropriate action and plans for the future, 19 March 2020, link


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