Health and safety


Ensuring the health and safety of our people – employees as well as contractors – is a fundamental tenet of our business. In line with our Group HSE Policy Statement, we are committed to the continuous improvement of all our working environments and to achieving Zero Harm.


In Kazakhstan, our dedicated HSE Committee, which is comprised of corporate and regional senior leadership, sets our strategy in relation to occupational health and safety, reviews related
policies and procedures, sets the safety culture and receives regular progress reports to ensure that the implementation of safety controls and improvements are carried out.


In Africa, safety and broader sustainability performance is reported monthly to our regional Executive Committee, which includes the ERG Africa’s CEO; site General Managers; site SHEC managers, and selected senior employees. At our operations in the DRC, we also operate formal Safety and Hygiene Committee as required under local law. Employees are represented on this Committee by trade union representatives.


Our health and safety performance is reported (through our Chief Financial Officer’s report) to the Board on a regular basis.

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