Environmental stewardship

Green economy

GHG compliance

We are committed to preserving and maintaining healthy, natural environments through the application of sustainable practices wherever we operate. Our commitment is supported by the requirements of our Group Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy Statement, which amongst other things requires us to:

• Develop, implement and improve HSE management systems and programmes that are consistent with international best practice
• Ensure the accountability of senior ERG managers at all sites for improving HSE performance through risk assessment
• Ensure that all personnel understand their HSE responsibilities
• Ensure HSE issues are taken into account in business planning and decision-making

All of our operations in Kazakhstan are certified to the ISO 14001 environmental management systems standard. In 2017, we initiated a process to investigate potential improvements to our environmental risk management process in Kazakhstan. Areas of focus included the co-development of a well-defined risk procedure by our Environment and Risk Management teams. The procedure aimed to further enhance our ability to define and prioritise, using common criteria and measurement parameters, our environmental risks at both operational and Group level.

In Africa, we are committed to striving to continuously improve our environmental performance and to develop, implement and manage environmental management systems compliant with national and relevant international standards. This includes our ongoing efforts to align our existing SHEC Management System (embodied in our SHEC Management Manual and associated procedures) with the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management system standards.

We continue to participate in the work of the Kazakhstani delegation to the UN Workforce on Climate Change to provide expertise on behalf of business in the discussions of obligations taken by Kazakhstan at an international level. We also thoroughly examine the potential for development of GHG emissions regulatory mechanisms at African operations similar to those already applied in the Republic of South Africa and for reducing carbon footprint in the region.

We apply market-leading mining and processing technologies to ensure we minimise the environmental impact of our greenfield projects. For example, as part of the Metalkol Roan Tailings Reclamation project in the DRC, which was resumed in 2015, vast amounts of ground and water polluted with heavy metals will be decontaminated and recovered which will affect the livelihood of thousands of local citizen. 

We recognise the close link between our environmental performance and our social licence to operate, and thus the need for us to engage with our community stakeholders and civil society organisations in a transparent and constructive manner.

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