Eurasian Resources Group to Donate 500 Million Tenge to Flood Victims


Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), a leading diversified natural resources group headquartered in Luxembourg, has pledged to donate KZT 500 million to help mitigate the impact of the floods in Kazakhstan, where many of the Group’s leading operations are based, and to support the residents of the affected regions.

“Eurasian Resources Group sympathizes with the people of Kazakhstan who are experiencing hardships due to weather-related disasters,” commented Alexander Machkevitch, Chairman of ERG’s Board of Directors. “We are confident that these funds will help the victims, and I hope that the effects of the floods will be soon alleviated, and the residents of the flooded regions will be able to return to their normal lives as soon as possible.”

In addition to providing financial support, the Group’s individual operations are also deploying their own specialized equipment and personnel to deal with the impact of the floods. Volunteers from the Group companies have also contributed to the cause.

The Group delivered 300 tonnes of crushed stone along with two dump trucks and a loader to the Aktobe region and a relief operation was launched to provide water, food, toiletries and basic necessities to those residents affected by the floods. In a joint effort with the local akimat, water diversion systems and motor pumps have also been installed.

In the Kostanay region, snow was removed from the grounds of the school in the village of Pertsevka. Two dump trucks containing crushed stone screenings were brought to the flooded area to assist with the construction of a dam which will divert the heavy flow of meltwater into the designated channel. The Group also helped to evacuate 85 children from the villages near Arkalyk and KZT 5 million worth of clothing is now being purchased for evacuated residents.   

Throughout ERG’s many years of operation, the Group has made significant contributions to the social and economic development of Kazakhstan. To date, ERG’s total social investment in the communities in which it operates has exceeded USD 1 billion.

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