At Eurasian Resources Group, sustainable development is embedded across our operations.
Recognising the responsibility it has in securing the world’s natural resources, the Group maintains very strong ethical standards.
Overall we continue investing not only in our own businesses, but in fueling infrastructure growth and improving the health, wealth and well-being of the communities where we operate. We have an active social investment programme spanning education, healthcare and training for local employees and we take active steps to ensure the integrity of the organisation’s supply chain.

ERG has initiated major social and environmental projects in Central Asia and Africa which create significant employment and foster social inclusion for our employees and their communities.

In Central Asia, many of these are being developed in partnership with Chinese government and banks as part of the New Silk Road. Other initiatives include large-scale housing projects in Kazakhstan and Africa that provide affordable housing to local communities and employees. We are one of the largest providers of medical services in many countries of ERG’s operational presence.


Closely integrated with corporate governance strategy, our sustainable development policy is overseen by the Board ensuring that all the necessary procedures are put forward through clear ownership and accountability. The Group CEO, Mr. Benedikt Sobotka, has been working with the World Economic Forum, non-governmental organisations and other mining companies to improve and implement ethical standards for the industry. Eurasian Resources Group has built a strong cooperation with the World Economic Forum: though ERG only applied for membership in 2014, it rapidly advanced from being a Foundation Member to an Industry Partner and, just recently, to‎ a Strategic Partner Associate.

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